There’s no such thing as an investment that works for everyone. Some people love taking risks while others see investing as a long, slow, and cautious process. At RTI, we believe in providing a custom experience, no matter the future you see for yourself. We’ll offer you a way to grow your portfolio, expand your mind, and enhance the way you look at building wealth.

RTI is not your average marketing firm. Our experiences and abilities go far beyond industry norms, offering you advantages you can’t find anywhere else.

Our competitors focus exclusively on the finance side, employing banking, legal and investment professionals who see the world in a singular way. We do things differently. Instead of hiring solely financial minds, we have expanded our reach, building an approach to investing that checks every box. Our team is comprised of sales/marketing professionals, scientists, intelligence analysts, engineers, CEOs, lawyers, and CPAs, boasting a unique perspective on both strategic thinking and industry expertise. With our assets and experience, we are able to offer a distinctive strategy that combines investing, licensing, acquiring and divesting to maximize the return on any investment.

An investment is only as promising as the team behind the scenes. At RTI, we work hard to lead the way in amazing opportunities.

Our founding partners have strong roots in business ownership and development with hands-on experience at Fortune 100 companies. With experience that includes developing patentable technologies, creating source technology to meet specific business needs, and expert navigation of sales and licensing procedures, we are able to offer a blend of knowledge and expertise that few others can rival.

We don’t take risks or chances in our business; instead, we approach our available investments in a slow, steady, and patient manner. Our vetting and due diligence process is precise and in-depth; all of our customers were referred to us or discovered through careful research, ensuring a perfect fit for our clients.


RTI is all about new, innovative, and exciting concepts. Our opportunities are focused on both current growth and strong future potential, providing a perfect balance for clients from all walks of life.

Acquisitions and Divestments

The wrong team can ruin a transaction, putting the future of your acquisition or disposition in jeopardy. With RTI, you can rest easy. Our combination of talent, technical ability, knowledge, and creativity can provide the stability you need during even the toughest deals, from initial sourcing to successful negotiation.

Intellectual Property Monetization

Whether you have an IP portfolio you are seeking to sell or would like to participate in high-value, market-ready IP investments, we are prepared to help you reach a successful outcome. By leveraging our work with companies, inventors, universities, and labs around the world, we are able to offer legally, commercially, and technically-sound opportunities.

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